yes, i miss you.

dear granny,

hows your day, there?

place not on a map


i wrote this one not on a depressed day,



thank you.

thank you for touching our lives in a way words can’t even begin to describe.

thank you for bringing us my mother and giving her your strength to endure life’s toughest challenges.

thank you granny, for taking care of us with a great balance of love and discipline.

thank you for cooking me and teaching me how to cook.

you had to be tired, but always made time to play with us.

thank you granny for always saying “take care yer self” to me.

thank you for reminding me to pray and be a ratu.

your encouragement got me through, and now, I will push off.

thank you for all the extra kindness and love.

i was young, and instead of the more predicable “how could you” speech, you expressed encouragement and pride.

i have you always.

thank you granny.

thank you for making all of us feel equally loved, special and important.

thank you granny.

you are the heart and soul of basari’s, our inspiration.

and while we should feel blessed that you spent so much time with us, so many special years, so many great moments, it will never, never seem like enough.


do you remember your message?


maybe you wont ever get to see me get married,


altought I have know you here beside me all the time.

thank you nini,



inspired by : kobie west


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